Italian Herb Kitchen


    Created in collaboration with our friends at POD, this herb grow kit is a brilliant and easy way to start growing your own Each pod contains 2 peat-free coir discs and one seedball with 5-10 organic herb seeds. To use simply remove the seedball, fill the pod with warm water up to the neck and set aside while the coir discs expand.  Then, pop the seedball on top of the coir, where it will absorb water and stay nicely soaked (you’ll need to add more water if it becomes a tad dry). From here the seed balls will sprout within a few weeks and once the growth is well above the top of the pod you can transfer into a bigger pot to allow the plant to fully grow, leaving a re-usable pod for storing dried herbs. Neat!

    Peat-free coir

    Organic herb seeds

    FSC-certified cardboard box

    Re-usable recycled aluminium with cork topper

    Ideal for a kitchen windowsill

    Full instructions on the box

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