Rocks & Landscapes of the North York Moors

    The Pocket Edition. The North York Moors National Park is full of beautiful and varied landscapes. Heather moorland, pasture-covered dales, enchanting forests and high cliffs combine in a dazzling tapestry. Beneath all these lie the famous Jurassic rocks of North Yorkshire. This beautifully illustrated guide shows the fascinating ways in which the rocks and landscapes are related. How hard sandstone forms the cap of the high moors with coral limestones supporting rich pastures on the Tabular Hills and grey shales providing mineral wealth along Eskdale and the coast. All this and much more will enhance your enjoyment of this beautiful place. - Full of photos and helpful illustrations - Pocket size for easy use - An essential guide to the North York Moors - Sutton Bank and Bilsdale - Cleveland Hills and the high moorland - Northern and southern dales - Coastal cliffs and bays

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